Verification & Validation

Verification & Validation (V&V) has become a challenging process with greater complexity from technology, software sourcing, compliance, security, and other areas. i-VIKAL focuses on setting up V&V Practice as a Center of Excellence (CoE) and intend to grow rapidly in almost all business units. We focus on core testing as a horizontal while building domain expertise over time.

i-VIKAL combines experience, expertise and cost-effective proven solutions to meet demanding Verification & Validation requirements, helping to ensure faster delivery of quality software that offers increased stability and higher performance. Our comprehensive range of Software Quality Assurance and independent testing services would help numerous global ISVs improve product quality and reduce time-to-market.
Our Verification & Validation Services include:

Managed Test Center

Test Automation

Performance Testing

Specialized Testing Services

Current Focus

Agile Software Development
Project Management - PMI
PMO Setup & Operations
Project/Program/Portfolio Metrics
Software Estimation
Business Analysis